We are proud to announce one more innovative feature of the show called DEMOex

The most happening live demonstration right at a dedicated place for all the exhibitions i.e Fire India, Drone Expo, Disaster Response & Management and Safetyex to get a real time experience with real life situations.

DEMOex,Where experience how the latest products / Technology innovation can help improve your Procurement processes smoothly and fast, There is no better way to find out exactly what and how things happen in real life situations and what will be the encounter solutions to it. The cutting edge learning and development solutions from leading suppliers/Manufacturers.

The Flow of DEMOex is in a way that the dedicated time slot will be given to the companies, Who are already exhibiting inside the hall and now want their product to get enhanced exposure in terms of both visibility and experience in front of the buyers from different domains. The technology presentation is from both domestic and international space.

The DEMOex also offers a dedicated open display space for all three days, allowing you to do live product demos to bigger crowds and highlight what makes your product unique. And Allows you to do demos whenever there is a high volume of foot traffic in your chosen location

This DEMOex is widely promoted throughout the session in all the pre and post branding exercises within the buyers community to ensure the best footfall at the live location of the demo, We are also seeking support from the exhibitor to ensure maximum exposure of his confirmed demo in his respective community,

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* The DEMOex is strict to the demonstration inside the arena specifically marked under the supervision of the venue with all the statutory approvals/permissions from the Govt & Organizer, especially the license of flying of Drones at permissible levels. The Organiser strictly complies and abides by the rules and regulations made by the Govt keeping in view of national safety and security.We request the Companies to adhere to the procedure laid down by the statutory bodies and follow the same.

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